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Anesthesiologists are the physicians who make modern medicine possible. They are the doctors who oversee the broad practice of anesthesia in hospitals and medical centers. As a patient, you may have questions about anesthesia and the experience you might have with an anesthesiologist.

The Massachusetts Society of Anesthesiologists (MSA) wants to ensure you get your questions answered. The MSA works closely with the national organization, the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA), who created a consumer Web site, Lifeline to Modern Medicine, to provide patients answers to important questions they may have about anesthesia related topics, what anesthesiologists do and the role anesthesiologists plays on a medical treatment team, as well as the types of anesthesia you may receive and what you can expect during a procedure. Learn more from other patients’ experiences and download a questionnaire to take with you to your anesthesiologist.

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